EIA RF Connectors are used to connect two items of high power radio frequency rigid or semi-rigid (flexline) coaxial transmission line. Typically these are only required in very high power transmitting installations (10s of kW to MW) where the feedline diameters may be several inches.


Electrical Characteristics

Contact resistance inner conductor:≤4.0 mΩ 

Contact resistance outer conductor:≤2.5 mΩ 

Insulation resistance:≥ 1.0 GΩ


Insertion loss:≤0.1*√f(GHz)dB

Return loss:≤26.40 dB@1GHz

Working voltage:250V/50Hz

Frequency range up to:1GHz 

Mechanical Characteristics

Durability (mating cycles):≥500

Material: spring contacts:Brass

Material: outer conductor:Brass

Material: other metal parts:Brass

Material: insulators:PTFE

Material: gaskets:Silicone

Plating: Inner conductor:Silver

Plating: Outer conductor:Ni/Tri-alloy

Plating: Other metal parts:Ni/Tri-alloy


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