1.0-2.3 series are suitable for the insertion of mixed layout connectors DIN 41612 (pattern M). These inserts feature a slide-on coupling mechanism, which ensures a short connect-disconnect time. Impedance accuracy, fast and easy assembly as well as high reproducibility due to the full crimp cable entry are typical characteristics of these H+S connectors. The 1.0/2.3 inserts are suitable for applications up to 4 GHz.



Standards: IEC60169-29

Electrical Characteristics

Contact resistance inner conductor:≤4.0 mΩ 

Contact resistance outer conductor:≤2.5 mΩ 

Insulation resistance:≥ 1.0 GΩ


Insertion Loss:≤0.1*√f(GHz)dB

Return loss:≥32dB/1GHz;23 dB/4GHz

Working Voltage:250V/50Hz

Frequency range up to:4 GHz 

Mechanical Characteristics

Recommended coupling torque:≤10 Nm

Durability (mating cycles):≥500

Material: outer conductor:Brass

Material: other metal parts:Brass

Material: insulators:PTFE

Material: gaskets:Silicone

Plating: Inner conductor:Silver

Plating: Outer conductor:Ni/Tri-alloy

Plating: Other metal parts:Ni/Tri-alloy


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