MCX micro miniature snap-on connectors offer you an excellent blend of size, weight, durability and performance for applications such as mobile and fixed telecommunications, in GPS applications and in test & measurement systems for testing instruments and apparatus. The impedance is controlled at 50 Ω.  Connector designs are available for flexible, conformable and semi-rigid cables. Styles are available for mounting to printed circuit boards using thru-hole soldering, press-fit and surface mount technology (SMT).




Electrical Characteristics

Contact resistance inner conductor:≤5.0 mΩ 

Contact resistance outer conductor:≤2.5 mΩ 

Insulation resistance:≥ 1.0 GΩ

Voltage proof:750V/50Hz


Return loss: Straight style:≥20.83dB@DC-3GHz

Return loss: Angle style:≥19.1 dB@DC-3GHz

Frequency range up to:6 GHz 

Mechanical Characteristics

Engagement/Disengagement:14N typ.

Durability (mating cycles):≥500

Material: outer conductor:Brass

Material: other metal parts:Brass

Material: insulators:PTFE

Plating: Inner conductor:Au

Plating: Outer conductor:Au

Plating: Other metal parts:Au


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